Download Music from Season 2 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Written by Shaheer Majeed

Season 2 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands left a huge impact on Pakistani audiophiles. All bands were amazing and the music they produced was phenomenal. While Season 3 is still running, you can download all songs from the previous one using the links below:

Episode 1

  • Main Hoon by Aura
  • Yaara by Bari The Band
  • Hamesha by Kashmir
  • Aarzoo by Madlock
  • Bolo Bolo by Naksh
  • Aitebaar by OB Positive
  • Kabhi Aar Kabhi Par by Soul Anesthetics
Download Music from Episode 1


Episode 2

  • Alif Allah by Badnaam
  • Sawali by Darvesh
  • Junoon by Ehl-e-Rock
  • Chaahy Sau Saal by E-Sharp
  • Bezubaan by Khamaaj
  • Main Shah by Nafs
  • Mujh Say Dur by Roots
  • Chaap Tilak by Yoon
Download Music from Episode 2


Episode 3

  • Dekha Na Tha by Aura
  • Kala Jora Pa by Badnaam
  • Allah Hi Dega by Darvesh
  • Mera Pyar by Kashmir
  • Kahaan Hai Tu by Madlock
Download Music from Episode 3


Episode 4

  • Khawaja Ki Deewani by Badnaam
  • Sadaye Darvesh by Darvesh
  • Buddha Baba by Kashmir
  • Kab Hoga by Madlock
  • Khirkiyan by Roots
Download Music from Episode 4


Episode 5

  • Sham-e-Qalander by Badnaam
  • Faislay by Kashmir
  • Waqt by Kashmir
  • Mera Dil Nahi Available by Roots
Download Music from Episode 5


Episode 6

  • Bismillah Karan by Badnaam
  • Mendah Ishq Vi Toon by Kashmir
  • Soch by Kashmir
  • Pagal Sa by Roots
  • Peera Hu by Roots
Download Music from Episode 6


Episode 7

  • Ishqnaama (Mashup) by Badnaam
  • Kalyaan Ishq by Badnaam
  • Ankahi (Mashup) by Kashmir
  • Kaaghaz Ka Jahaz by Kashmir
Download Music from Episode 7


Episode 8

  • Deh Khudaya by Badnaam
  • Parwana Hun by Kashmir
Download Music from Episode 8