PTI Government’s 100 Day Agenda

Written by Shaheer Majeed

On 20th May, 2018 in Marriot, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) announced their 100 day agenda to tackle the biggest issues of Pakistan, and now with their victory in the general elections, they have to stay true to their word and actually work on solving these problems.

The 100 day agenda consists of six main themes and each theme consist of a set of commitments on which PTI’s government will start working on. Imran Khan also reiterated them in his election victory address, but we will quickly go over the six main themes below:

1. Transform Governance

The number one item on PTI’s list is to transform government and governance. They will built institutions that can act eagerly, independently and rapidly, and have promised to transform the police and judicial system. PTI’s government will start working on five key areas to transform governance:

  1. Bring accountability to the centre of government
  2. Empower people at grassroots
  3. Depoliticize and strengthen Police
  4. Revolutionize the justice system
  5. Initiate civil services reform

2. Strengthen the Federation

Pakistan is stronger if its federating units are stronger. With Imran Khan as Prime Minister, Pakistan will have a strong center, as well as strong provinces. In particular, Imran Khan will immediately begin action on these priorities to strengthen the federation:

  1. Accelerate integrate of FATA with KPK
  2. Champion reconciliation in Balochistan
  3. Begin transforming Karachi
  4. Launch creation of a South Punjab province along administrative lines
  5. Launch poverty alleviation drive to Pakistan’s poorest district

3. Revitalize Economic Growth

PTI’s economic plan is not for one portion of Pakistan but for all. However, the country’s economy for the past couple of years has been in bad shape. Imran Khan and his team have are planning on tackling them by:

  1. Rapidly creating jobs for the youth
  2. Launching a policy framework to build 5 million houses
  3. Boosting the tourism industry
  4. Working on policies to make Pakistan business friendly

4. Uplift Agriculture and Conserve Water

Former general secretory of PTI, Jahangir Tareen discussed the steps that PTI government had promised to take to uplift the agricultural exports and save water. Without any agricultural development, a country can never prosper. They said that the party would put an “Agriculture Emergency” and take steps to increase and improve the livelihood of farmers:

  1. Establish agriculture emergency to increase farmer profitability
  2. Accelerate and enhances national water policy
  3. Remake livestock sector

5. Revolutionize Social Services

Bringing social change is an absolutely important component of the 100 days agenda plan of PTI government, since transforming health and education is essential for the social prosperity of any country. More than 25% of Sindh children are not enrolled in schools as students, and that is an alarming for Pakistan. PTI is ready to work on Pakistan’s social services including education, health, societal safety etc. Their approach consists of:

  1. Transforming health and education
  2. Championing women development
  3. Providing clean drinking water for all

6. Ensure Pakistan’s National Security

Every country needs powerful national security that can protect their country from evil eyes. Imran Khan’s government will start working on some priorities within the first 100 days that include updating institutional structure, increasing Pakistan’s regional and global relevance, forming a national security organization and improving internal security. Other points are:

  1. Acceleration and enhancement of the institutional sector
  2. Formation a national security organization
  3. Upgradation of internal security

We’re hoping that new PTI government will follow through on their promises and truly transform our state into the ‘Naya Pakistan’. You can read about the 100 day agenda in extreme detail on PTI’s official website, or check out the video below: