Imran Khan’s Election Victory Address

After 22 years of struggle, on this history day, Imran Khan has finally won the election in Paksitan and is only a short while away from his Prime Minister seat. Imran Khan gave an amazing election victory address, covering these main points about the future of Pakistan:

  1. Making Pakistan a welfare state like Medina.
  2. Making policies to help poor and marginalized communities.
  3. Working towards enrolling 25 million children into schools.
  4. Working towards saving and cleaning water.
  5. “I have forgotten all personal attacks on me, even if you didn’t vote for me”.
  6. “I will not do any political victimization. I will make rule of law and take action across the board”.
  7. Accountability will start from the PM and his Ministers
  8. Fixing the governance system, which itself is a big economic challenge.
  9. Reducing cost and difficulty of doing business in Pakistan.
  10. Will ask overseas Pakistanis to invest.
  11. Protection of tax money, and promises of simplicity and austerity.
  12. Won’t live in PM house we will make it educational. We will use governor houses for public.
  13. Using hill side resorts for public.
  14. Change will start from the PM and his team.
  15. Improving economic conditions by creating more jobs.
  16. Improving stability by working on the foreign policy, economic and security challenges.
  17. Improving relations with China.
  18. Work on poverty alleviation with help from China.
  19. On Afghanistan: “Afghanistan has lost most in War on Terror followed by Pakistan. Both countries need peace.”
  20. On Internal Issues: “We want to end the fight rather than extend it”
  21. On India: “I was portrayed like a Bollywood villan in India. But, I understand we need good relations with India, we need trade relations.”
  22. Addressing the Kasmir issue, including the human rights violations.
  23. Government: “I will prove to you we can improve governance here.”
  24. VIP Culture: “I pledge that we won’t have protocols.”
  25. Formation of Pakistan’s policies with focus on poor people. Rights will be given to people who work in homes.
  26. On Rigging: “This election comission was made by PMLN and PPP. Any party wherever they say has been rigging, we will fully investigate it and any constituency that you want us to open we will open. “
  27. He thanked everyone.

Bravo! 👏