Imran Khan’s First Address to the Nation as a Prime Minister

Written by Mahnoor Sheikh

Imran Khan’s first address as a Prime Minister in Islamabad. He started by versing the Ayah of the Holy Quran. First of all, he thanked those who were with him 22 years ago. He said that it is a type of politics which usually people do for a mission like our leader Quaid-e-Azam did also like our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W was on a mission and bring a change in the estate of Madina. He said that his desire to make Pakistan an Islamic Welfare Estate which Allama Iqbal dreamt. A country which should be the example of every mouth and proves the real meaning of Islam. What is in the state of Madina, where people were in very less number, there were few tribes but they bring a large change. He can’t forget people like Ahsan Rasheed (late) and Saloni Bukhari who were with him in his time of trial, people make fun of them to be in Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Prime Minister Khan’s over hour-long address focused on calling upon the people of Pakistan to help him overcome these challenges and turn Pakistan into a welfare state. He strongly prominence on the issues of street child education, the police department, water shortage in every province, maintained hospitals and much more.

Here is the brief description of each point:

Need To Stand On Your Own Feet

  • Todays Pakistan debt is Rs28000 billion. 10 years ago it was Rs 6000 billion. It excessively increased within 10 years. Imran Khan said that he will give you an answer about that money.
  • The usuries we pay on these debts are being paid by taking more debt.
  • In the era of PPP, our yearly overseas debt was 2 billion dollars. When their reign was over in 2013 our overseas debt becomes 60 billion dollars.
  • Our pressure on Rs is just cause of huge amount debt in overseas.

Khan said no nation can progress by taking loans which are only meant to be used for short periods in difficult times“We need to stand on our own feet. Taking loans means losing freedom and respect.” The prime minister added that there was a need to sacrifice to become a great nation.

Solving Human Rights Issues

According to the report of UNDP

  • We are among those top 5 countries in which children die cause of dirty water and stunted growth and women die during delivery.
  • 45% of our children brain didn’t grow cause of malnutrition. Those children are weak from the very outset, their parents are worried about them.

He said, there are two pathways, one where we are always walking on which is full of debts through which we cannot fulfil our desires, we don’t have money for our poor people. for hardworking peasants, we cannot provide pure and fresh water to our people, we cannot provide employment to needy.

First, we must follow the footsteps of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W. who is our role model. Who proved to be the best for all mankind of all era and age.

Fighting Corruption

  • Prime minister acquire 524 servants.
  • He has 80 cars, 33 bulletproof cars each cost is more than Rs5 million, personal helicopters and planes.
  • Prime Minister’s house is spread in 1100 canals.
  • Our nation spent millions on Governors houses.
  • Our chief minters, DCs, secretary and rest houses are vastly spread whereas, our country is on debt. Thes elite class don’t have money for poor people but they have for their personal use which is only wastage of money.
  • Prime ministers have spent billions on their foreign tours.
  • Our assembly speaker budget was Rs16 billion and have spent Rs8 billion in a tour.
  • If we will not mend our ways a time will come when we will all be finished. Moreover, he says According to the words of Allah Ta’la in the book of Quran “God will not help those who will not help themselves.
  • Today our leaders are not even able to provide the basic need but their lifestyle is lavish.

“Never vote to a leader who is taking your money out of the country,” Khan said. “We will pass the whistleblower act. Anyone identifying corruption in any sector, a whistleblower, will get 20 to 25 per cent of money taken back.”

Khan told Pakistanis people who are stealing our nations money is our enemy.“The corrupt people will make a lot of noise when we target them. They might come out onto the streets or say that democracy is under threat. Either Pakistan will be saved or these corrupt people.”

Focus On Children

  • Throughout his address, the Prime minister focus on improving the life of unprivileged children.
  • “They are not getting proper nutrition. They are not developing properly. They are automatically left behind. What must their parents go through seeing their children in such a state?”

Educational Programmes For Uncivilized Children

  • He said that we must provide students better and proper government schools which they can afford easily.
  • A bona fide system of education, through which they can secure their future.
  • For better education, we must give them Institutions and better jobs in the near future.
  • The prime minister promised to improve the state of government schools, adding that his government would not forget about madrassas. “We will raise the standard of education in madrassas as well.

“We, therefore, need to make sure our government schools are good enough that everyone can send their children to them. This is an emergency.”

Protecting The Environment

Pakistan is in the seventh number in the issue of global warming which is raising the issue of heat stroke.

Reforms In Health Care

Khan also spoke of improving the standard of government hospitals and reforming the health care system in the country.

The prime minister said fixing the health care system would be an uphill task but it was essential to do this.

“We also need to introduce the health card all over Pakistan. We have given every household in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rs550,000 in case of a healthcare emergency. We should give it all over Pakistan.”

Clamp Down On Child Abuse Case

Imran Khan said that government must take strict actions in such cases, a ministry of the human right have been formed for such type of act.