Pakistan Found A Young Talent From Lahore

Written by Shaheer Majeed

Pakistan was declared as the core of the Sufi music and poetry. After partition, Pakistan got many talents regarding singing and many more. Pakistan is blessed that we have many great Sufi songs in the voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib and Ghulam Farid Sahib and many more.

Recently, a video of a girl singing in the melodious voice was captured by Lahore News. The video shows that a young girl who is singing some lines of poetry written by the great poet Bulleh Shah. These lines were also sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch in her famous song Saaiyaan.

The girl sang the song very well and she has a perfect mastery in every Punjabi lyric. People are very impressed with her voice and a piece of curiosity lies in their heart that

” Who is this girl? “

” Might be a great singer”

” Anybody knows her name?”

This young girl won the heart of many Pakistanis by her dazzling voice that went viral so quickly.

Even some people said that she will definitely become famous and great professional singer in future.

Since everyone wanted this young girl on the screens. Alina Lodhi, the host, was asked for help to find this girl.

This girl won the hearts of many people and they can’t stop eulogizing her.