Watch’s Beautiful New Ad About Family

Today I came across this beautiful new ad by with an important message for all of us, that I think is absolutely worth watching.

It is an undeniable fact that the modern life has become extremely busy for the breadwinners of the families, especially if they’re working in highly competitive private companies. These demanding jobs can usually make it very hard for the person to take time out for themselves and their loved ones and have some sort of work-life balance. It is extremely hard to earn money and to provide for your family in the world today, so they can survive and live happily.

But it is important for us to realize that an opportunity to make money might take away the opportunity to be happy, and we might not even realize this until we miss out on the important moments we should be sharing with them. Money can not give us the happiness that spending time with each other gives us, so if money and staying away from our families makes them downhearted so that money has no worth. It is equally important that we have a work-life balance and give enough time to the people who matter the most.

In this ad, the man has worked endlessly to provide for his family, but at the end he realizes that all of it would have no meaning if he was not there with them to enjoy it together. Before I finish, I would like to say kudos to for a lovely message.